Postcapital. Critique of the future

We Are Working on the Edition of Postcapital by Iván de la Nuez.

We worked with Iván de la Nuez in an edition of Postcapital for the Palau de la Virreina. His essays were published for about six years in the book supplement of El Periódico de Catalunya.

Postcapital. Critique of the future

Ivan wonders about the alternatives of contemporary thought. It brings to mind the impact caused by the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the changes in global geopolitics after the attack on the Twin Towers.

Postcapital’ s route involves such concepts as

  • post-communism,
  • terror,
  • new technologies,
  • new economic order,
  • the age of empire,
  • cloning,
  • new postcolonial forms,
  • the renewal of urban anthropology
  • or the third way.

The thinkers included in Iván de la Nuez’s Postcapital cover almost all the political ideas of the present. These are days of hustle and bustle revising the layout of the book in an office in the Virreina.
It then coincides with the opening of an Exhibition in the same building.
A lot of debate in parallel, we cross-checked the titles of the books reviewed in Postcapital, saw if any other text was missing and, finally, we are very happy with the result.
And with the way in which the designer Nieves Berenguer integrated a series of details to the Bauhaus model that we always use in Linkgua.

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