Don Quixote. Vision of Barcelona

The Route of Don Quixote in Barcelona

Don Quixote. Vision of Barcelona

Scenes from our edition Don Quixote. Vision of Barcelona indicated on the map:

  1. Don Quixote and Sancho, guided by Roque Guinart «along unused roads», arrive in Barcelona: «They saw the sea…»
  2. Quixote and Sancho enter the city.
  3. House of Antonio Moreno, «large and main», near the port (Carrer Ample, Born, or Montcada).
  4. Talking head episode.
  5. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra stayed at number 2 Paseo de Colón.
  6. El Quijote in Carrer Ample with a sign on his back: «…to a balcony that opened onto one of the most important streets in the city».
  7. Scene of the galley chasing the pirate ship.
  8. Tradition has identified the printing press visited by Don Quixote with that of Sebastián de Cormellas.
  9. It seems that Perot lo Lladre(Roque Guinart) used to hide here during his visits to Barcelona.
  10. On the beach of Barcelona, Don Quixote is defeated by the bachelor Samson Carrasco.
  11. Here ends La ruta del Quijote en Barcelona: «On leaving Barcelona, Don Quixote returned to look at the place where he had fallen and said, ‘Here was Troy!'»

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