The dream catalog for Linkgua

The Dream Catalog for Linkgua

Our inspiration comes from Paul Otlet’s Mondothèque, and with this idea, we aim to offer readers a unique and enriching experience. We want to introduce you to Google maps that show the places mentioned in the books, thus giving a new perspective to reading.

Imagine being able to visualize on a map all the places mentioned in a book, or even discover the places where the authors and people mentioned in the books were born. In addition, we want to accompany these maps with a timeline that relates these places to their historical context.

An outstanding feature of our proposal is to allow readers to delve into each book directly from the maps. This means that, by clicking on a place on the map, readers will be redirected to the relevant piece of the book that mentions that location, providing an interactive and dynamic reading experience.

For example, we could explore everything the books say about Barcelona or the human brain, getting a complete and detailed view of the literary references related to those topics.

In addition, thanks to the semantic processing of our catalog, we could give answers to complex questions asked by readers. For example, if someone wanted to know in which cities Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra lived, we could use a chat that lists the cities and returns a map with a list of cities and dates associated with the author’s life, thus offering an unparalleled experience of discovery and research.

Our vision is to transform the way we interact with literature, combining technology and semantics to open new horizons of knowledge and understanding. We are excited about the potential of this initiative and hope that we will soon be able to share this platform with all book lovers.

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