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One Book, One Library

A book and a library are a linguistic corpus. The term «linguistic corpus» is defined as: «a set, usually very broad, of real examples of the use of a language».

Linguistic corpus

On more than one occasion we have resorted to this term to define our goal as editors. If our catalog consists of 1,400 classic titles we are in the presence of a Corpus. And since «corpus linguistics is the subdiscipline of linguistics that studies language through these samples«, we must say that we want to develop technologies to improve the interaction of readers with content.

Virtual libraries

We edit and publish virtual libraries to provoke new reading experiences. Books are the elements that make up these libraries. They can be purchased separately, and it is our collections and the information attached to our catalog that allows them to be organized by thematic blocks, authors or periods that make up specialized libraries available to everyone.

We want to integrate large groups of books with cross-references, dedicated bibliographies and multimedia material.

Interactive libraries

In the near future readers would read not only isolated books, but Corpus, any relevant information about their library, about the authors, their times, etc. accessing all this information through an interactive library conceived by the publisher but open to the interactions and modifications of the readers.

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