New Image

New image

We are very pleased to announce that Mario Eskenazi has designed our new logo and our new typographic covers.
I don’t think it’s necessary to introduce Mario, at least half of Barcelona has been designed by him. Personally I met him some years ago when we coincided at Paidós publishing house, at that time I was a (desk) editor and Mario designed several collections.
His covers from that time remain in the readers’ memory.

Now Mario has given us a series of covers with different colors and types. In my opinion they are a brave continuation of our book interiors, inspired by my beloved book «The New Typography» by Jan Tschichold. We wanted to dynamize our covers within an unavoidable requirement: that they be generic covers.
Here is the result. We look forward to continuing to work with Mario. There are a thousand other things we want to do with it.

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