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Marine Corps Graduation at Annapolis

A few days later, one of the Blue Angels crashes in Tennessee.


Annapolis is home to Marine Corps University and some of America’s leading AI companies.

At the time, I remember reading a Noam Chomsky book on linguistics funded by the US Navy and at the time I was very surprised. However, being around here, I perceive that war and technology once again go hand in hand.
Here is a list of 287 job openings in the Artificial Intelligence sector in Annapolis. It seems quite extensive to me, considering that Annapolis has about 40,000 inhabitants.

Among the leading companies in AI applied to natural language generation are:

  • Automated Insights,
  • Digital Reasoning
  • and Narrative Science.

The latter is owned by In-Q-Tel, the Central Intelligence Agency‘s technology investment fund.

Air show

It is the annual Marine Academy Graduation. Blue Angels fly. A Spectre aircraft appears on parade.

A former Spectre gunner explains to me the aircraft’s armament and the history of the parade.

Now an F 18 is flying towards us, at very low altitude. I seem to be able to touch her belly with my hands. It is deep blue. In yellow it reads US NAVY. The noise of the engines overrides the shouts of jubilation. Someone comes up to me and asks if I’ve seen this model airplane before.

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