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Linkgua Books. A Browser for Digital Books

This is the second version of the product. It is a browser for digital books. It worked with the Gutenberg Project catalog. We asked them for permission to do the experiment and they authorized us. LK-Libris generates intelligent and dynamic links that connect to maps and music and video players.

Introducing IA-Libris

In today’s digital world, reading and accessing information has undergone an unprecedented transformation. The proliferation of digital books and the ease of accessing vast online catalogs have opened a new era for literature lovers. However, with this abundance of content, there is a need for a tool that facilitates the browsing experience and enriches the reader’s understanding. It is in this context that we present the second version: IA-Libris.

A browser for digital books

IA-Libris is a revolutionary solution for those looking to maximize their digital book reading experience. This platform, developed with the vision of improving interaction with literary content, has been designed to offer readers a completely new approach to discovering, exploring and connecting with texts.

Collaboration with Project Gutenberg

To carry out this project, we contacted the prestigious Project Gutenberg, a book digitization project with the aim of preserving and disseminating knowledge through digital versions of classic and contemporary literary works. This collaboration has made it possible to take advantage of a vast catalog of titles, which are now available in IA-Libris to the delight of users.

Permits and authorizations

The creation of AI-Libris involved the development of advanced technologies to intelligently and dynamically link literary content with other multimedia resources, such as maps, music and video players, to enrich the reading experience. To ensure the legality and ethics of the project, the team requested permission from Project Gutenberg to conduct this experiment. The authorization was generously granted, which allowed the integration of smart links with various sources of multimedia content.

Connecting with the multimedia world

IA-Libris goes beyond being a simple digital book reader. With his innovative approach, readers can now immerse themselves in a multimedia world that enriches and expands the context of each book. For example, while reading an exciting story about a particular city, IA-Libris can generate intelligent links that connect with interactive maps, allowing the reader to explore and better understand the location and geographical details of the story.

In addition, when a novel mentions a musical work or a movie, IA-Libris will generate dynamic links that allow you to listen to the music or watch the corresponding video. This unique feature pushes the boundaries of traditional reading and gives users a more immersive and enriching experience.

Facilitating literary discovery

IA-Libris is also noted for its ability to facilitate literary discovery. With advanced algorithms, the smart browser can recommend related books based on the content and topics that appeal to the reader. This allows literature lovers to explore new works and authors, thus expanding their literary horizon.

A personalized experience

IA-Libris has been designed to offer a truly personalized reading experience. Readers can set their favorite preferences, styles, and themes, allowing the browser to adapt to their interests and providing more accurate and meaningful recommendations.

The future of digital reading

IA-Libris is a step in the evolution of digital reading. By intelligently linking books to multimedia assets and providing personalized recommendations, this platform redefines the way readers interact with literary content. IA-Libris wants to open new frontiers in digital literary exploration and further enrich the pleasure of reading.

All in all, IA-Libris is a valuable tool for book lovers, one that is sure to find its place in the growing community of digital readers.

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