The Maid of Don Enrique the Mourner

Letizia Ortiz Gives a Novel as a Gift

Letizia Ortiz gives a novel by Larra to Prince Felipe as a present

I’m watching the news and I hear about Prince Philip’s engagement. I am not a monarchist, nor do I follow this kind of news. However, today I have a strange lottery. Letizia Ortiz gives the future king of Spain an antique copy of a novel by Larra that we have in the catalog and that no other publisher seems to have available today.

The Maid of Don Enrique el Doliente tells the story of a court intrigue in the 14th century. Mariano José de Larra makes a period portrait that keeps the reader’s tension all the time with an almost paranoid description of a plot full of conspirators and ambitious people.

A few hours later, bookstores from all over Spain phone us and ask for copies of El Doncel, our first bestseller. Telecinco comes to the office and I spend days on the phone with journalists.

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