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«The Prado’s Augmented Reading offers automatically, but with the necessary supervision and the guarantee of the Prado Museum, an explanatory context of the texts that describe the work, helping to turn them into didactic and learning-oriented texts. It is one of the elements of what we could call the Prado Educativo or Prado for Education.
GNOSS is the platform that supports the digital project of the Prado Museum. GNOSS contains and updates the museum’s Knowledge Graph, while facilitating systems for interaction with users: search engines, work files, contexts for each work, etc. To carry out this second phase of the project we have used and specifically trained a service that we had not used so far: a natural language understanding, entity recognition and disambiguation engine capable of analyzing a text and extracting from its content the named entities in a quasi-automatic way, recognizing different spellings of the same entity (for example, Velázquez, Diego Velázquez, Diego de Velázquez…), and the main concepts or topics covered in that text».

Prado Museum

Prado Augmented Reading Project

The Prado Augmented Reading project offers an enriching and educational experience for visitors, with the support of the prestigious Prado Museum. Through an automatic and supervised explanatory context, the texts describing the works of art are transformed into didactic materials, designed to boost learning. This is all part of the Prado’s vision as an educational space for visitors.


GNOSS is the technological platform behind this innovative project. It not only houses and updates the museum’s Knowledge Graph , but also provides interactive tools for users, such as search engines, worksheets, and individual contexts for each piece of art. The second phase of the project is based on the use and specific training of a service hitherto little explored: an engine for natural language understanding and entity recognition and disambiguation. In addition, it identifies the main concepts or topics addressed in each text.

Thanks to this advanced technology, the Prado Augmented Reading becomes a valuable tool for lovers of art and education. Visitors can immerse themselves in a world of knowledge and context as they explore the museum’s masterpieces, gaining a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the rich artistic history that houses the Prado. This initiative is a shining example of how technology and culture merge to enrich the visitor experience in a museum as prestigious as the Prado.

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