Jackson Fish redesigns X-Ray

Jackson Fish Redesigns X-Ray

The Jackson Fish agency redesigns X-Ray for Amazon. Interesting proposal of the team led by:


Hillel Cooperman

@hillel, hillel@jacksonfish.com

Hillel worked for Microsoft from mid-1997 to the end of 2006 as a program manager, product unit manager, and in all intermediate positions. During his time at Microsoft, he contributed to the release of Internet Explorer for the Macintosh, several versions of MSN Explorer, and the Windows Vista user experience. Hillel developed the user experience discipline in those organizations to a level of expertise and accomplishments that helped deliver polished, usable Microsoft products. After Vista’s user experience was conceived and designed, he founded the team that incubated and released several versions of Microsoft Max.

Jenny Lam

@helveticagirl, jenny@jacksonfish.com

Prior to embarking on her own path with Jackson Fish Market, Jenny worked at Microsoft from 2001 to 2007 as Creative Director of the Windows User Experience team. Currently, he serves on AIGA’s National Board of Directors and collaborates with national and local organizations, such as TechStars and Startup Weekend, to foster the next generation of creative talent in technology. She was named one of the 100 Most Influential Women in Technology by the Puget Sound Business Journal, received the Seattle 2.0 Best Startup Designer award and was recently recognized as one of the «40 Under 40» business leaders.


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