Inquire Project Features

Inquire Project: A Smart Book Prototype

The Inquire Project is presented as a breakthrough in the way students can interact and learn through a smart textbook.

What is Inquire Project?

Inquire Project is a revolutionary smart textbook prototype that aims to transform the learning experience for students. Rather than just a static resource that provides insights, Inquire Project is an interactive AI-powered textbook that answers students’ questions, encourages their interest, and enhances their understanding of topics.

Origins and innovation of SRI International

This fascinating project is developed by the Center for Artificial Intelligence at SRI International, a prestigious non-profit research institution. The organization has a rich history of technological innovation that has led to significant breakthroughs, such as the development of the iconic computer mouse and the creation of the Siri virtual assistant.

Vulcan Inc.: Pioneers in Financing

To make this vision of a smart textbook possible, the project has been funded by Vulcan Inc., a company founded in 1986 by visionary entrepreneur Paul Gardner Allen, who also co-founded Microsoft. Vulcan Inc. has dedicated himself to managing Allen’s business and philanthropic activities, and has now contributed to the development of this innovative educational tool.

How Inquire Project works

Inquire Project is not just a standard digital textbook. Instead of presenting information in a linear and passive way, this tool uses artificial intelligence to adapt to students’ individual needs and provide personalized answers to their questions. Interaction is seamless, allowing students to immerse themselves in the content and feel more engaged with the material.

Benefits for education

The Inquire Project represents an innovative approach to learning, and its potential benefits are wide-ranging. By providing accurate answers to students’ questions, it encourages curiosity and active participation in the educational process. In addition, by adapting to individual learning styles, it can help students better understand concepts and retain information.

Current status of the project

It is important to note that Inquire Project is currently a research project. Although its results so far have been impressive, it is not yet available for commercial or individual use. However, it is expected that this innovative educational tool will continue to evolve and be refined over time.
Inquire Project promises to open up new possibilities in the field of education by combining artificial intelligence with the expertise of traditional textbooks. With its ability to answer questions, engage students, and improve their understanding, this prototype could mark a significant milestone in the way we learn and teach in the future.
Although currently in a research stage, there is no doubt that Project Inquire is an inspiring example of how technology can transform education and deliver a more enriching and personalized learning experience for all students. Let’s stay tuned to its advances and developments, as it promises to be a game-changer in twenty-first century education.

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