Examples of LK Widget Interactions

Real-time enriched page

LKL enriches digital pages and books with multimedia information and content from sources selected by users and libraries.

> With LKL you can link your topics of interest with updated information in real time.

> We enrich your catalog with sources selected online by libraries, based on their interests.

> We facilitate the search and finding of documents and titles related to the content of the libraries.

Intelligent vocabulary

LKL detects the keywords that readers are most interested in and generates an intelligent vocabulary reinforced with related content, videos and definitions. It is also possible to use this vocabulary to navigate through the information.

Thanks to LKL, your topic of interest is summarized in a structured vocabulary. This way you will have access to the keywords of your content and the categories to which they belong, including concepts, publications and related facts, all in real time.

Internal recirculation

LKL’ s intelligent navigation allows you to access any keyword within a page without having to type in a search box.

> We automatically classify the content you have consulted into categories and keywords.

> And you can retrieve your page views, and specific paragraphs within them.

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