Cross correspondence

Cross Correspondence Between Casal and Moreau

We have recently published Correspondencia cruzada entre Julián del Casal y Gustave Moreau, a fascinating collection of letters between two outstanding artists of the late nineteenth century.
In this correspondence, we can immerse ourselves in the intense epistolary relationship between Casal, the young Havana poet, and Moreau, the renowned Parisian artist. Through these letters, we can appreciate the deep admiration and devotion that Casal felt towards Moreau, who was a great influence on his work.
This book reveals Casal’s profound idolatry of Moreau, which is reflected not only in the letters, but also in the 12 poetic compositions that are illustrated with Moreau’s beautiful paintings that Casal used as a source of inspiration.
This correspondence is a valuable example of the cultural and artistic exchange between two leading figures of Modernism. Casal, despite only having known lithographic reproductions of Moreau’s work in Havana, was enchanted by his art.
If you are a lover of literature and art, we invite you to immerse yourself in the Cross Correspondence between Julián del Casal and Gustave Moreau. It is a unique opportunity to delve into the minds and hearts of two great artists of the time, and discover through these letters the deep connection between two creative souls and how their mutual influence left an indelible mark on their works.

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