die neue Typographie. Jan Tschichold

Choosing a Model

I finally decided on Die Neue Typographie by Jan Tschichold. Berthold Imago typeface, with little or no Serif. Simple hierarchies. Paragraphs without indentation. All chapters and headings left justified. It couldn’t be more austere, they’re going to kill me. Like Tschichold, we will use DIN 5 as the format and in the United States 5.5 x 8.5 inches, the so-called Folio. All books are the same size. The typefaces are Frutiger 77 for the chapters and Berthold Imago for the text. Megatrack of 20 to simulate the original.

Jan wanted to design a book that was global, inexpensive and could fit in pockets. The original edition even had rounded corners for easy portability. In this phase of his life, Tschichold worked at the Bauhaus and it shows.
He then went on to design the now celebrated Penguin Classics series. There he gave the final touch to the penguin logo and created the first style book that unified the collections and design of the publishing house.

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