Passages of the revolutionary struggle

Che’s Grandson Revisits the Myth

El Periódico de Cataluña

Canek talks about our edition of the Diario de Bolivia. This project has been intense.
We have interviewed many survivors and seen a little bit of everything. At times we felt like we were talking to the person who gave Che away, and at other times we came away impressed, seeing how contemporary myths are constructed. Rare experience, very intimate and at the same time very public. Canek is always very fair-minded. I find it hard to believe that he is accused of profiting from his grandfather’s figure. Only I, who edited the Diary with him, know that he never did it for money. Is it so hard to understand that having an ancestor like Che Guevara you need, in a moment of maturity, to understand for yourself his story?
In this season closer to the press, I am beginning to think that we need digital tools to analyze the media and, in general, online information.

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