Augmented Reading Manifesto

Today our strength as a species lies in our ability to store and process information.
From the writing rhythm of a medieval amanuensis to the present, there has been an immense leap . Our way of producing and processing information follows an evolution that goes through Gutenberg’s printing press, the Linotype, continues with artificial intelligence and will not stop.
Augmented reading is conventional reading, accompanied with tools to increase our ability to process characters and data. The medieval amanuensis had only a pen at their disposal and thus preserved and spread the classical tradition. We contemporary readers now need tools to increase our capacity for immediate comprehension.
With this new version of the Augmented Reading Manifesto we want to update the precepts that have governed our project.
Augmented reading consists of providing content with a layer of data that allows it to be understood in less time, with the added capability of being able to navigate through the information intelligently. In this way, readers would be able to see in depth the contrastability of the information.
Readers will have menus to visualize categories with increasingly specific data and to embrace, at a glance, a new cognitive dimension.

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