Augmented Reading Manifesto Updated

Augmented Reading Manifesto updated

From the first versions of the Xerox operating system, to online operating systems, to digital books and the Semantic Web, we are approaching a world in which data and, in general, information matter more than ever.

There has been an immense leap in the way we produce and process information, which continues with the Semantic Web and Artificial Intelligence and will not stop.

Augmented reading is conventional reading, coupled with tools to increase our ability to process characters and data.

Augmented reading consists of providing content and reality with a layer of data that allows searching and understanding in less time.

This is what some developers of these technologies call Situational Awareness, which includes, among other things:
real-time information on working tools,
instructions and reminders,
spatial orientation and real-world object recognition data,
interactions with Eye Tracking, etc., etc., etc.

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