Letters from Gertrudis Gómez de Avellaneda

An Automatically Categorized History

An automatically categorized history

The most common links

In a website you only have as an option the links that that same website contains. They appear in the menus and are repeated on each page. They can also be added manually or using plugins. This is called in SEO Link Building. In any case, you can use the site’s search engine or copy and paste in Google things that interest you, to see related content.
We want to make all words links that lead to a deeper level of information. Build a real-time categorized history automatically. We want to convert any interest of users into links. Identify what patterns your clickstreams follow and what words they are related to. From this, we could extract categories and keywords that allow us to catalog the information we have consumed and know in which parts of the analyzed documents are the paragraphs that best respond to people’s curiosity, interests or expectations.

Data layers that allow us to reach the origin

Online documents would become layers of data that allow us to reach the origin of our knowledge, which can be explored in depth and reordered according to our interests.
Analyzing these interactions we will know what patterns users follow when they are interested in something and we will be able to anticipate.
Words would create new content organized in this way just by touching them.

Link Building tailored to your interests

The links of the Websites would be consistent and logical, in a «deeper» internet in which every click is intelligent.


The automatically categorized history of LK would save these links organized by categories and keywords facilitating the recovery of all the content we have consumed. And by sharing it we would be making collective use of a universe of categorized links that dynamically point to the information that interests us, and that is updated and grows in real time.

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