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A Smart Reader for Augmented Reading

A Smart Reader for augmented reading and improved reading comprehension

We are developing a Smart Reader for augmented reading. In this phase we work on the extraction of nominal entities in our catalog and on the development of our own technology to determine in real time with which resources it is best to connect these entities.

In the first phase of this work we want to develop tools to make critical edits updated in real time, enriched with images, videos and maps.

Individual semantic profiles

And in a second phase we want to develop tools to establish what we could call «individual semantic profiles». These profiles would consist of metadata, concepts and relationships between them, processed with artificial intelligence. With them we would try to recommend content associated with the topics that interest the readers of our books with a level of precision that I believe will be superior to that of current tools. Incidentally, we would also connect our catalog with other content from the internet or other publishers.

Beyond corporate interests

Again, we believe that a Smart Reader for augmented reading would use these technologies to focus on end users and their needs. Beyond corporate interests, we would be simplifying the way we access information, offering more accurate content in fewer steps.

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